LDS Church History Tour

In the garden next to the visitor center in Nauvoo.
Kanesville or Council Bluffs was the headquarters for the Church between the time they left Nauvoo and their arrival in the Salt lake Valley.

Brigham Young was sustained as President of the Church here.
Five hundred men left here to fight in the war with Mexico better known as the Mormon Battalion.
Statue to honor the Mormon pioneer family.
At the Kansas City Temple with my sweetheart Ross.

Winter Quarters Temple.
A cabin at Mount Pisgah.
Garden Grove was a camp site in Iowa during the great exodus to the valley in Utah.

This is Parley Street - the road the Saints traveled as they left their beloved city and temple. They were forced out of their homes and farms by violent mobs.
This is the Carthage Jail where Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered by angry mobs.
This is Joseph's Smith's Red Brick Store where we sang "Praise To The Man".
This is the Mansion House in Nauvoo where Joseph and Emma lived for a time.

One of the many restored homes in Nauvoo.
This is a statue of Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum as they rode out of Nauvoo to Carthage Jail where they would seal their testimony of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with their blood.

The reconstructed Nauvoo Temple just before the Pageant.

Where Adam and Eve dwelt after leaving the Garden of Eden. Where Christ will appear in glory.
Far West - one of the places where the Saints were living when they were
expelled from Missouri. This is a site of a future temple.

Independence Missouri where Zion or the New Jerusalem will be built.

Looking out over the fields at Adam-Ondi-Ahman.

Far West - where the Saints gathered after being expelled from Jackson County Missouri.

Trail to a monument honoring the Eight Witnesses to the Book of Mormon.
Joseph Smith -the prophet God used to restore of gospel of Jesus Christ in the latter-days.
Liberty Jail
Joseph Smith was wrongfully held here
while the Saints were being expelled from Missouri.
The Saints later found refuge in Quincy Ill
and later founded a city called Nauvoo.

From this prison came some of the most beautiful scripture ever written
D &C 121 and 122.


Celebrating July 4th at Colonial Days in Orem Utah

I attended Colonial Days in Orem with my amazing daughter Arianne and my grandchildren.
Arianne is not only a wonderful wife, mother and photographer, she spins wool, makes her own soap, gardens and preserves her own food, paints beautiful pictures and creates home-made wood and cloth toys.
She also home schools her five children.
I just had to share these amazing pictures that she took while we were there.


July 4th Hike to Maple Mountain

On the way up the mountain
My son John on the top of Maple Mountain
My granddaughters Emily and Sandy on top of Maple Mountain
My family on the top of Maple Mountain
Ross with John and Alisa on top of Maple Mountain



  1. We had a "Mother's Blessing" for my daughter Ashley last night. She is about to have her second child and all the women in our family gathered to honor her. This is not the standard baby shower where the attention is about cute decorations ...and baby clothes. This is a rich and powerful evening where the women who love Ashley in a deep and meaningful way came together to share our strength and love. We organized visits and meals to be brought to her after delivery. We shared our most sacred birth or motherhood experiences. We created a bracelet engraved with words of power and strength for her to wear when she needs to feel our love. 
    Ashley will soon put her life on the line to bring a new daughter into the world and devote the rest of her life to nurturing her soul. The world is confused about the true nature of power. Love is the greatest power in the world. My newest grandchild will be named Eden a tender reminder of our mother Eve . . . and the honor, power and strength of motherhood from the beginning of time until the end of days.


Happy 39th Anniversary Sweetheart

My husband Ross and I knelt across an alter in the SLC Temple 39 years ago today.
I think these ten children were there in spirit celebrating that wonderful day as they prepared to come to our home.
What started as two people in love has grown to include 45 people I love.
Celebrating 39 years of joy with my sweetheart Ross today.


Our Payson Temple after the storm

This is the Payson Temple. I can't wait to go inside this holy place.
Because of temples, our family can be together forever.


Millennial Choir and Orchestra Performs "To Be American"

My daughter Ashley sang in a magnificent concert at the Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City last night. The concert was titled "To Be American" and featured a grand chorus, child and teen choir as well as a full orchestra. Each musical number was well chosen and performed at the highest level of excellence. The grand hall was sold out by an appreciative audience who gave the performers a standing ovation. Many of the numbers were new arrangements of time honored favorites by outstanding musicians. Glen Beck was the narrator and gave added insight into the great principles and individuals who created this great country. The whole program quite literally took my breath away and made me proud to be an American. What an amazing concert!  


Happy Birthday Letter for a Twelve Year Old

Dear Emily,

Happy Birthday Emily! Can you believe you’re turning twelve years old? I can still remember the day you were born. We were dropping off your uncle Joseph at the Provo MTC for his mission to Quebec that day. We stopped by the hospital to see how things were going with your mother on the way.

I was so excited to meet you! 

Did you know you were my very first granddaughter? I was so full of excitement when I saw you for the first time. You were petite and oh so soft and beautiful. I remember the first time I held you in my arms. You looked up at me and I think my love for you burst into song inside my heart and make me feel so happy that I wanted to dance. I still remember how you felt in my arms wrapped in flannel.

I’ve been watching you and praying for you for twelve years. Thoughts of you are always in my heart. I’ve been so amazed at the wonderful young woman you have become. I know why you were sent as the first child in your family. You are such a loving, kind, patient big sister to all your brothers and sisters.

When I see your family drive up in my drive way, I get so excited that my heart beats faster and I start smiling all over. I’m so happy that you never forget to sit next to me and give me a hug whenever you come to visit. I always tell you I love you and you always tell me you love me. I especially love listening to you play the piano. It is amazing to me that your small hands can make such beautiful music. I loved watching you accompany your sister as she sang the last time you came to my house.

I hope you always remember that you are a beloved daughter of God, that your earthly and heavenly parents and grandparents will always love you and want the best for you. If anyone ever gives you any trouble, you just tell them that they will have to deal with your Grandma Baadsgaard and she is one tough cookie. You have a whole army of extended family who loves and adores you and is so proud of you.

Emily, you are smart, strong, brave, talented, spiritual, creative, fun, hard-working, powerful, kind and pretty much the most awesome granddaughter who ever lived.
Never forget how much your grandma loves you.


Grandma Baadsgaard  


Memorial Day Memories With the Baadsgaards

April and Dallan with their boys at the cemetery.
Grandpa and Mitch.
Alisa and Josh on the big tree hike.
Dallan and Mitch on our big tree hike.
John with his nephews Josh, Brad and Matthew.
April and Dallan with their boys at big tree.
Big tree hug.
My beautiful grandchildren: Samuel, Liam, Sophia, Gideon and Logan Cope.
Arianne and Jared with their children

We like Memorial Day to be a mixture of respectful remembrance and family fun. On Sunday evening we visited the graves of my mother and Ross's parents and also our grandson Caleb. We like to express our favorite memories of our loved ones to each other. This is also a way for my children to learn more about their grandparents. Then we headed to the cabin where we slept over and woke up to a great breakfast fixed by Ross followed by a hike to Big Tree. Every single person made it. It didn't matter if we were the first one there or the last - we all got there and being with family it what makes memories sweet.