Emma's Baptism Letter From Grandma Baadsgaard

Happy 8th birthday to my beloved granddaughter Emma.

Dear Emma,

I’m so excited that you are turning eight years old this year because that means that you are old enough to choose to be baptized. I’m so happy you have made that choice.
I remember when I was baptized. I was baptized on my eight-year-old birthday on a Saturday night in a little white church across the street from my house in Union, Utah. My congregation had all the children being baptized sit on small wooden chairs and talked to us for a while. I don’t remember what they said, but I do remember what I felt.
I felt excited and a little scared before I was baptized. When I was baptized, the water was warm and I felt clean. After I was baptized and put my dry clothes back on, I walked out of the church into the cold January winter air. I remember looking up and seeing lacy white flakes of snow falling all around me. Even though it was cold outside, I felt warm inside. I knew God loved me and was pleased I wanted to come home to heaven someday.
I also knew that Jesus was my best friend and that if I tried to live like Him that I would be happy. When I was your age, they waited until Sunday to confirm me at church and give me the gift of the Holy Ghost. I felt protected when the men with the priesthood made a circle around me and put their hands on my head as my father confirmed me.
What I didn't know was that the man I was going to marry someday was being baptized on the very same day, January 6th (my birthday) in a little town called Spanish Fork, Utah. He was a little scared and excited too. Because we both wanted to be like Jesus, we found each other many years later. We recognized that we had the same dreams and plans for life.
           When he returned from him mission to Samoa, we were married in the SLC temple. We made special promises to God. We were sealed for eternity. Pretty soon your dad was born. Then he grew up and married your mommy in the temple and then pretty soon, you were born.
Being baptized was the beginning of everything wonderful in my life. Being baptized is such a special time because we are able to participate in our first saving ordinance and make our Heavenly Father our first official promise. You are a daughter of God, Emma, and your Heavenly parents love you very much. They want you to be happy so they have made a plan of happiness for you to follow so you can return to them someday. 
Up until now, you have been a child who is learning, growing and maturing. You have made some mistakes; everybody makes mistakes. That is how we learn and grow. Now that you are eight, God thinks you are wise enough to know the difference between right and wrong choices. Heavenly Father knows that some of the choices we make will not be wise. Because He loves us, He wants us to know how to change so we will not be trapped by our mistakes and bad choices. So He invites us to make a promise to Him and then He makes a promise right back to us. When we make a special promise to God and He makes one right back to us, it is called a covenant. Heavenly Father never breaks a promise.
The promise you make to God is that you will remember Jesus, follow Him and keep His commandments. Heavenly Father promises you that He will forgive you if you make a mistake or do something that you know is wrong if you feel sorry and repent. He also promises you eternal life. He also gives you the gift of the Holy Ghost to help, guide, protect, warn and comfort you.

When you choose to be baptized you tell Heavenly Father that:

*You want to be a follower of Jesus Christ

*You will serve your fellowmen

*You will stand as a witness of God all the time

*You will obey the commandments of God

 God promises you that:

  *You are accepted as a member of Christ’s church

   *You can be forgiven of your sin if you repent

   *You can have the gift of the Holy Ghost

   *You can live in the kingdom of God

          Everybody makes mistakes after they are baptized so Heavenly Father gave us the sacrament every week on Sunday. That is when we remember the covenant we made when we were baptized. We think about our week and decide how to be better during the coming week. We think about our Savior Jesus Christ and how He atoned for all our sins, pains, disappointment and grief. We also think about Christ’s resurrection and that we can be resurrected too someday.
I hope you will write about how you feel in your journal when you are baptized. Never forget that you are a child of God and that you can inherit the eternal life God has planned for you. And never forget that your grandma loves you with all her heart.
Grandma Baadsgaard.   


Carnegie Hall Performance Tonight!!!

My daughter Alisa will be performing in NYC at Carnegie Hall next week with the MMHS orchestra and choirs. She will be playing the cello. 

If you want to see their Carnegie Hall Performance before they leave 
be sure to come to their dress rehearsal concert tonight at 7:00.


Provo City Center Temple Tour

We sure enjoyed our Provo City Center Temple Tour.


Disney World Fun

We sure had fun with Aubrey and Kyle and Rylan and Griffen at Disney World in January.


Birthday Poem for a Sixteen-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday Josh. I sure love you.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I’m old enough to drive.
Everyone stay off the roads,
If you want to survive.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I’m old enough to date.
I hope she says, “Yes,”
Before it is too late.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I fix pizzas with a flare.
Get your Papa Murphy’s
But only if you dare.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I make stuff that explodes.
Parents getting grey hair
Afraid they will implode.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I’m ordained to be a priest
I see a man emerging
At times and places at least

Now that I’m sixteen
I bless the sacrament
In white shirt, tie and suit coat
I knell – a prayer is sent

First the cups are filled
Next I break the bread.
Then slowly I read
And sacred words are said.

 Soon I will leave home
Take Christ’s promise with me -
For I’ll serve a mission
Where God will help me see -

That life is so much more
Than getting just for me.
It is giving and receiving love
Joy and peace you can see.

When I return home
I will grow to be much more
For when you work with God
Your manhood learns to soar


Birthday Poem for a Nine-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaarad
Happy Birthday. I love you Isabella with all my heart.

Being nine is surely a sign
I’m growing up too fast.
Afraid my childhood won’t last.
So I won’t waste a day
For running around and play.

Being nine is surely fine
If I don’t miss a day in the sun
Fly to the moon or stay on the run
If I hear music in my heart
Or sing out like a lark

Wow I’m nine - the world is mine!”
I’ll be a lion who roars
Or a bird who dips and soars
I’ll climb every tree
So I’m way up high to see

Turning nine is so divine
I’ll eat birthday treats and say,
“I’m royalty the whole day.”
I’ll open presents and eat cake
There’s a fine party for my sake.

When you’re nine you can’t whine
For whining is for babies -
Not for fine young ladies.
I’m old enough to say, “Sorry and please.”
I’m too old to poke or tease.

When you’re nine people say, “Toe the line.”
But I’ll have you know - I am free
Because I’ll always be me
A little older and a little bolder.
no matter how old I be.


Enjoying the holiday season with Alisa

Maple Mountain Chamber Orchestra Christmas concert.
At the BYU game with Dad.
Alisa is the best baker in the family.


Birthday Story for a Nine-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 9th birthday Mitchell- my budding archaeologist.

            When Mitchell’s mom told him to go outside and dig up some potatoes for supper he groaned, “Do I have to? It’s my birthday.”
            “You never know what you might find,” his mother said with a wink.
            “What I’d really like to dig up is a mummy,” Mitchell answered. “There’s a mummy exhibit coming to Salt Lake City at the Leonardo Museum with real mummies from all over the world in January. I really, really, really want to go.”
            “But the admission tickets are so expensive,” his mother answered. “Now get those potatoes dug up. Since the snow melted off yesterday, you can get to the last ones next to the raspberry bushes.”
            Mitchell dragged his feet into the garage, grabbed a small shovel and reluctantly walked to the backyard. He found the spot his mother told him about and started digging. The shriveled vines were his best clue of where to dig.
            First Mitchel dug up a gigantic potato then several small ones. He brushed the moist earth off the spuds and continued digging. Suddenly his shovel hit against a solid object.  Mitchell’s heart raced. He quickly dug deeper and brushed the dirt away. Buried in the ground right next to the raspberry bushes, Mitchell found a wooden box secured with a lock.
            Mitchell wiggled the lock but nothing happened. He ran into the house yelling.
            “Mom, you’ll never believe what I found buried in the dirt in our garden. It’s a box with a lock. I want to get this lid open so bad. What do you think is inside? It could be anything . . . like papyrus or a gold goblet.”
            Mitchell immediately called all his friends to come over and bring every key in their house. He tried each key one by one. Nothing fit. The box stayed locked. All his friends went home disappointed. Then Mitchell remembered his own key collection. He tried every one, but nothing fit.
            Mitchell wondered what to do. Because he was born on December 19 there was always a Christmas tree in the family room in their home. He plopped down on the floor, flipped over on his back and looked up at the tree through the boughs. That is the moment when he noticed their giant silver key.
“The key!” Mitchell said. “I forgot about our magic key.”
That large silver key was how Santa got into their house on Christmas Eve even though they didn’t have a chimney and even if the door was locked. His family hung it on the tree each year. Mitchel always liked to leave the key on the front porch with a plate of cookies before he went to bed on Christmas Eve.
Mitchell grabbed the key off the tree and rolled it over in his hand. Then he walked over to the dusty locked box. He pushed the key into the lock and turned it to the right. He heard something click right before the lock opened. Mitchel quickly creaked open the lid to the box.
There in the bottom of the box were tickets for the mummy exhibit in Salt Lake City along with a treasure map and a secret code that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics.
“Mom! Dad! Look what I found in the box!” Mitchell screamed running through the house. “The magic key worked. Now I can go see the mummies. And look there’s a treasure map with a secret code in here too.”
Mitchell carefully unfolded the treasure map. He carefully deciphered the hieroglyphic writings that formed the secret code in his notebook. Mitchell noticed a half moon, serpent and the bird along with the picture of a man, woman and child. He followed the treasure map through the house as he thought about what the glyphs meant. He ended up in his parent’s bedroom where they were sitting together holding hands and smiling.
“I’ve got it!” Mitchell said with a smile. This treasure map’s secret code translates to . . .  mother . . . father . . .  love . . .  son . . . Hey, does that means you guys love me. Ah shucks. Thanks Mom and Dad.”
Mitchell gave his dad a high five then he gave his mom a big hug right before he said, “You guys are a pretty great daddy and “mummy”.


John spreading musical cheer in Denmark 2015

My son John is on a mission in Denmark.
 He is traveling the country with this musical group putting on free concerts to spread Christmas cheer all around the country.



I play in the New Horizon's Orchestra and we have a concert tonight at 7:00 at the Sherwood Hills LDS Ward Building at 4000 Foothill Drive in Provo. 

The dress is casual and everyone is welcome.



Poem for a Fourteen-year 0ld

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday Matthew. You are awesome!

I’m not a boy.
I’m not a man.
Will someone please tell me
Who I am?

Food stuck in my braces
When I smile -
Teacher with a whistle
Makes me run the mile.

“Change your underwear.”
Says Mom with that look
But I frankly don’t I care
If I smell like fish on a hook

“Comb your hair, brush your teeth
Take a bath would you please
Practice piano, clean you room,
Or my patience is going to leave.”

Homework and locker combinations
Assemblies, recitals and tests
Gives me days at junior high
Without a moment to rest.

All the girls my age
Look two years older than me
How am I supposed to impress them
When all they see . . .  

My pants turn into floods
Whenever I turn around.
My voice seems to crack
Whenever I make a sound.

 Older brothers stare
Younger brother tease
When will this annoyance
Ever, ever cease?

Too old for Halloween
Not old enough to drive
How in the world
Am I supposed to survive?

Junior High is full of
 Jocks, nerds and bores
I just don’t know how
I’m supposed to soar.

Maybe I’ll just relax
And just practice being me
Cause when all is said and done
I’m content to be

Matthew the magnificent
Matthew the brave
Matthew the courageous
With a sense of humor to save

Late night video games
Lying in my hammock to sleep
Sneaking treats from the pantry
Is all I really need.

Who says you need
Nutritious food to survive
Mac and cheese serves me well
That’s all I need to thrive

You say I need
 Proper vitamins to grow.
I say life is too short to skimp on candy
When your blood sugars get low.

Someday I’ll be the dad
And surely I will say
“Stop doing that!” to my son
But today is not that day.


Emily Baadsgaard Wins $1,000 scholarship in the Utah Book Mark Contest

My granddaughter Emily won the Book Mark contest and the $1,000 that goes with it!
Emily drew and designed a fantastic bookmark.
Way to go Emily!


Happy Birthday Sophia

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday Sophia - my fellow doll lover.

               Sophia loves dolls – all kinds of dolls - just like her mother and her grandmother. She loves them so earnestly that she created a home for forgotten dolls right in her own bedroom. The dolls at the regular stores are fun to look at but she prefers the dolls she finds at thrift stores and garage sales. Brand new dolls encased in plastic are not as intriguing as the ones she discovers under dusty blankets or scattered in the left behinds of other children now grown too old for play.
            Sophia understands the drawbacks with new dolls – they simply don’t have a story to tell because they have never been loved. Old dolls always have enchanted tales deep inside them waiting for a listening child. Each doll’s story comes to Sophia when she holds them in her arms while she falls asleep. Then their individual tales become her dreams at night.
When Sophia wakes in the morning, she paints the doll’s story on paper or canvas with crayons, watercolors, pastels or oils.
When people ask, “Where do ideas for your pictures come from?” she graciously smiles.
          Though Sophia has lots of dolls, she knows they do not tell their tales to everyone. Each story is a hidden treasure available only to those with a kind heart.
Once her best friend said, “Sophie, you have too many dolls.”
Sophia knew her friend didn’t understand. She knew dolls that are forgotten and thrown away leave empty places in their former owner’s hearts unless someone rescues them and gives them a home. If these former owners do not eventually fill their lives with children, that empty place will remain.
The dilemma Sophia understands is that older children often think they have grown too old for dolls and childish things. So they store them in the attic or throw them away. Some fortunate dolls are rescued by mothers who cannot bear to throw away their daughter’s childhood. So they lovingly donate their dolls to thrift stores or garage sales hoping these cherished possessions will eventually find a new home and another little girl to love. Sophia’s dolls all have the honored pedigree for dolls that have been loved many times.
Sophia likes to place her dolls all around her when she goes to bed at night so each doll will feel cherished and adored. Often when her mother checks on her she has a hard time finding Sophia’s sleeping face among all the sizes and shapes of dolls tucked in all around her.
On her birthday, Sophia’s grandmother gave her a large porcelain doll dressed in a turn-of-the-century dress.
When Sophia took the doll from the gift bag she smiled warmly at her grandmother and they both winked at each other. Vintage doll lovers know other vintage doll lovers when they see them.
“Sophia,” her grandmother said, “this doll has so many tales to tell. I know you will have sweet dreams tonight.”   


Birthday Letter for my thirteen-year-old grandson

Dear Brad,
Happy Birthday to a very special young man we love. We feel so grateful to be your grandmother/father. We hope you know that we will always be there for you and that our love is constant and true. We are so proud of you for the life you are choosing to live and the good example you are for your younger sister and brother.
We notice how patient you are with Izzy and Daniel. They are so blessed to have you for their oldest brother.
We notice that you love to read. Reading is the best way to learn and discover the world of knowledge. As long as you keep reading, you will never be lonely or bored.
We notice that you have a wonderful smile. When we see you smile and notice that sparkle in your eyes it seems like the whole room lights up.
We notice that you have very good manners. You always say please and thank you.
We’re always so grateful to receive a Brad hug. You never forget to give us a hug goodbye when you come over.
We notice how you work hard in your schooling. We’re excited to hear about what you are working on.
We notice that you are a worthy priesthood holder and willing to do your duty with a smile.
We get so excited when we know we are able to spend time with you. We had fun camping with you this fall and going on that hike with the beautiful autumn leaves.
We notice how you are always willing to help with anything that needs to be done – like moving family members to a new place.
We notice you never complain and work hard and try your best at everything you do.
It has been a joy to watch you growing up and becoming such a fine young man.
Always remember Brad that you have a Mother/Father in Heaven who loves you.  Jesus Christ is your Savior and best friend.  Remember that your earthy mother/ father loves you. Never forget that you have a grandma and grandpa Baadsgaard that love you with all our hearts.
You are a treasure - and we found our pot of gold when you became our grandson.
Grandma and Grandpa Baadsgaard


Birthday Poem for a Two-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you sweet Daniel. Have a great birthday.

Soft brown eyes
And a shy little smile
Lots of snuggle hugs
To last a while
Arms around our neck
Head on our heart
Good times to share
We’ll never be apart
Grandsons are the best
To make Grandma’s heart sing
Little boys are hard to catch
But oh what joy they bring
When you look up at me
My soul just wants to melt
I feel all warm inside
With all the love that’s felt
You were once a dream
But now you are here to stay
All my love for you
Will never go away